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Buying or selling a home can be an intense process, but you can rest-assured knowing that Bailey's Home Inspections, is a state Florida licensed Certified Professional Inspector trained by ASHI Standard Home Inspections.  We adhere to comprehensive Residential Standards of Practice so your home is accessed carefully and thoroughly. All Home Inspections are backed by our free 90 Day Warranty. All visible and accessible components are inspected including:

  • Roof (includes walking on roof)

  • Structural Components

  • Attic, Ventilation & Insulation

  • Exterior Cladding

  • Porch and Deck

  • Attached Garage

  • Driveway

  • Foundation

  • Basement/Crawlspace

  • Fireplace

  • Electrical System

  • Plumbing System

  • HVAC System

  • Interior, including:

    • Built-In Appliances

    • Ceilings, Floors, and Walls

    • Windows/Glazing

    • Doors

Round Building

Residential Home Pre-Listing or Buyer-Ready Inspections

Consider having a pre-listing inspection performed to ensure the quick, smooth sale of your home. An understanding of the condition of your home can help keep you from losing a potential sale in the future.


Size - Price

Up to 2000 sq ft    $345  -BOOK NOW

2001 - 3000 sq ft  $395 - BOOK NOW

3001 - 4000 sq ft  $445 - BOOK NOW

over 4000 sq ft. -  CALL FOR QUOTE



Size - Price

up to 2000 sq ft $275 - BOOK NOW

+ 500 sq ft  = $50 each - CALL FOR QUOTE

4-Point Inspection

A 4-Point Inspection is a type of home inspection that may be required by some insurance companies in Florida for older homes. This shorter inspection covers the electrical system, HVAC, roof covering, and plumbing system.


4-Point Inspection $100- BOOK NOW

Insurance Double Play (Wind + 4-Point) $150 ($50 Savings) - BOOK NOW

Wind Mitigation Inspection

Storms and hurricanes are commonplace in Florida, it is important conduct a wind mitigation inspection to determine strength of your home’s construction in the event of strong winds, such as those present during a tropical storm. 


Wind Mitigation Inspection $100- BOOK NOW

Insurance Double Play (Wind + 4-Point) $150($5 Savings) - BOOK NOW

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